Pet Funeral Cermonies

As a pet owner myself, I know how much a part of our families our pets are. So much so, when our beloved pets sadly passes away, they leave a huge gap in our lives. In a family, when a pet dies, it could be the first time our children experience loss and mourning, but more and more, families are turning this into a very therapeutic process for the next generation and now want to arranging a funeral or memorial service for their beloved companion. As adults, the loss of a pet is a very significant event in our lives and in a changing world, for some people, animals are their only companion, and the loss can be devastation. While they are with us, our pets give companionship and unconditional love, are non- judgemental and only ask for food and our love, but we do our utmost to enhance their quality of life, and a proper funeral is a befitting next step for us to take on their behalf. I can help you by creating a service which can include sharing memories of your pet or poetry, readings including symbolic rituals (planting a tree, lighting a candle or installing a commemorative sculpture). I am happy to conduct the funeral ceremony at a crematorium and/or a blessing at your home for the commemorative rituals. Although based in Aberdeen, I'm not restricted to this area and would be happy to travel wherever you need me to be, I offer a free consultation, where we can discuss your requirements and ensure that your dear companion is given a memorable and dignified ceremony.