Like a civil ceremony, a Humanist funeral is a personal ceremony to remember the person who has died and say a final good-bye. These are conducted by Humanist Celebrants. Humanist funerals are non-religious and do not include any hymns, prayers, readings or poems that refer to any religion, as Humanists have no religious views. The do however include kind words about the persons life, readings from loved ones, music and a moment of silence allowing loved ones a short period of reflection, and a Humanist may want to include a piece about Humanism.
Although both Civil Celebrants and Humanist Celebrants are trained by a professional organisations, Civil Celebrants differ from Humanists as they can add or leave out religion if require – such as a favourite hymn or a poem that has a reference to God or Heaven etc. Civil Celebrants may or may not have religious beliefs, however their own beliefs would not be shared at the service. Each ceremony is unique to the particular person, and although the service is conducted by a Celebrant, the family remain in control and can have as much or as little an input as they feel able to provide.
A funeral that you, the family, will help plan, a ceremony about the person who had died, sharing memories of family and friends, and celebrating the life that the deceased person lived, and although its a sad time, we can celebrate and remember the achievements an milestones that made them the truly individual person that you knew and loved, in ways that is important to you. Because a loved one’s funeral service is something you only get to do once, you want to make sure you give them the best send off possible. If I can help, please get in touch.

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