The whole aspect of funeral services are changing. The church or graveside is still the main place for a 'religious' funeral service, but what are the options for a non-religious one, does it have to be at the crematorium?
Like it or don't like it, but one day, each and every one of us will become a memory. It never fails to surprise me the wonderful memories families share with me when I am preparing a service. and, it brings comfort to them when memories start to coming flooding back as stories get told.
Like a civil ceremony, a Humanist funeral is a personal ceremony to remember the person who has died and say a final good-bye.
Welcome to Straight from the Heart and my very first blog – I hope you will enjoy following me. What makes someone become a funeral celebrant? I am sure every celebrant has their own reason, for me it was a series of deaths in the family and wanting to share their life stories, memories and celebrate their lives.